Air print

FingerPrint automatically discovers all printers connected to your Mac or PC and makes them available to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. For a fraction of the cost of a new printer, FingerPrint breathes new life into the printers you already own.

FingerPrint seamlessly integrates with your workflow so you can send files, webpages, notes and emails directly from your iOS device to your favorite desktop applications without missing a beat.

Installing FingerPrint on your Mac or PC is a breeze. After installation, FingerPrint runs unobtrusively as a background service. Merely turn on your computer and you’re ready to print from your iOS devices.

FingerPrint is the most powerful mobile print server on the market today. There are no limits on the number of physical printers, virtual printers, users or devices. FingerPrint will scale effortlessly from the home to the enterprise.

FingerPrint allows administrators to associate access control lists (ACL) with any of your printers. FingerPrint integrates smoothly with your Mac or PC’s native security frameworks, simplifying deployment for system administrators.

*Not all printers are compatible with FingerPrint 2.
$19.95 – Price is Per Install